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A mini burst of summer in an eggshell, with 24ct ethically-sourced gold leaf, in a 4x4inch white wood frame. As this item will be made to order, these photographs are for guidance: each eggshell will be unique, but your artwork will be in this design. 


Eggshells invite us to reflect upon the beauty found in imperfection, and to consider the value of those things that are flawed, transient, discarded, or incomplete.


The egg has been used cross-culturally to symbolise new life, renewal, unity, and good fortune. By repurposing eggshell fragments into art, my work explores the powerful transformations which arise from our broken places. Each artwork also serves as a timely call to collaborate sustainably with our natural world.


Bringing these natural treasures inside to light up our indoor lives gives them a beautiful permanence, serving as a daily coloursplashed reminder that imperfection and fragility can be the most wonderful strengths.

summer solstice

  • Each eggshell is collected from the coop, gently prepared by hand, and painted with an unusual array of premium lightfast media. I frequently incorporate 24ct ethically-sourced gold leaf as part of my signature palette.

    Eggshells are securely mounted on premium archival canvas and presented in a handmade wooden frame with a protective glass aperture front.

    Each ethically-sourced eggshell varies in size, colour, and texture due to the various breeds of poultry we raise in our garden.

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