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I take on a select number of commissions.


When you get in touch, I'll work through a series of questions with you to create a commission brief. This will outline your preferred colour palette, eggshell arrangement, frame style, artwork size, and any other custom details.


I will then send you a personalised invoice to confirm the total price including shipping and taxes. The invoice will also confirm our agreed delivery timescale

Once you have made payment I can send you photographs of your artwork in progress, or you can choose to keep the art reveal as a surprise!


I use the eggshells laid by my own poultry flock. However, if you're a fellow poultry keeper, you can send your own eggshells for me to use in your artwork. This option makes a very special personalised keepsake.


If you are ordering as a gift or have a specific deadline for delivery, please let me know at the outset and I will do my very best to accommodate this in my studio schedule.


I look forward to working with you and creating the perfect artwork for your home, business, or public setting.

thank you! i will be in touch soon

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