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'your forehead is the best billboard' and art exhibition news

new exhibition alert! There are still a few days until the In Memoria exhibition with WeAreTheMinories wraps up (last chance to visit is Sunday 6th August), but the chickens have been very busy and have laid more eggs for The Sail Loft Gallery at Navistitch in Manningtree, Essex.

We Are The Minories Exhibition Announcement: In Memoria, For The Love of Birds at The Minories Pop Up Gallery, Art Event in Essex with Nicola Burton

Who needs traditional canvases?!

I'm exhibiting my eggshell artwork until Saturday 5 August 2023 alongside artist Eleana Marshall. Eleana also uses non-standard canvases including slate, stone, and wood. Manningtree is the smallest town in England with the most incredibly creative high street so it's well worth a day out if you can pop by.

Forehead marketing

I'll be there on Saturday 5 August with my very best sales assistant, my eight-year-old mini-me who comes up with excellent marketing strategies such as this nifty 'your forehead is the best billboard' trick we deployed at a previous event. I didn't come up with anything so useful in my 15-year PR career.

Lovely words

To wrap up, I'll share these words from The Sail Loft Gallery director Sam Luxford:

"Nicola brings us eco-art like you've probably never seen (and it has to be seen to appreciate the beauty)."

Can't make it to the art exhibition? Have a browse of what's available in my shop right now.

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